Empirical Systems

Empirical Systems was founded in 2016 by MIT alums Richard Tibbetts, Madeleine Thompson, and Vikash Mansinghka. We've grown from our origins in MIT's Probabilistic Computing Project to a team of nine, housed within walking distance of the MIT campus.  


Our Team

Led by co-founders Richard Tibbetts (CEO) and Madeleine Thompson (Tech Lead), Empirical's team includes MIT alums and industry veterans from Google, Streambase, TIBCO, and more. 

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The Lab

Empirical Systems is a spinout of MIT’s Probabilistic Computing Project, led by cofounder Vikash Mansinghka (Advising Chief Scientist). BayesDB, the lab’s open-source probabilistic programming platform, was the basis of Empirical’s AI. The Probabilistic Computing Project is jointly hosted at MIT by the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.